Canton. Care founded by Marilyn & Company and supported by the Town of Canton Select Board, invites 55 of Canton’s local businesses to participate in the 2nd Annual Scarecrow Stroll & Fundraiser for the Canton Food Pantry. This exciting event has become a popular annual tradition in other towns, and we are now bringing it to our special Town of Canton. It is a wonderful opportunity for you to promote your business in a fun and creative way while also supporting our worthy cause.

This year’s event will kick off at the end of September and last until the month of October. Each business vendor will be able to set up ONE Halloween display on one of the lampposts in town, located on Washington Street. Each vendor will register for a number and pick their lamppost after their donation has been confirmed. Materials and guidelines will be distributed on the same day. Restrictions on the manner of attachment and caring for the displays will be included in this attachment.

There are approximately 55 lampposts in the downtown area. Only 55 businesses will be able to advertise on the lampposts. We are asking the lucky “55” to donate $100 to the Canton Food Pantry to participate. In exchange, your display will be featured on Washington Street for the whole month of October. The guidelines for the display are ATTACHED. Your business will also be featured on the Canton. Care website and Facebook page. It will be promoted to registered voters throughout the month. The QR code to find out information will also be provided to local papers.

The displays will create a festive, welcoming atmosphere in town for the fall. Many families are excited to also hear this was a unanimous “YES” by the Selectman.

The townspeople will be encouraged to vote on their favorite display (you will receive a number and display tag for your business) which will subsequently bring them to the website displaying your company information and promotions. Voting will be available online via QR code. Please stretch your creative muscles and join us for some fall fun this October!

Decorating Guidelines

You are welcome to decorate your scarecrow in any family-friendly manner, or to tie into the Octoberfest, fall or Halloween themes. Use of any type of tape is prohibited as it can cause the paint to peel of the pole. Please use a ZIP TIE to secure your design to the lamppost. You can also use one small hay bale, milk carton or decorated water proof box to put the display on. You will be responsible to check on your display periodically to make certain it is not impeding traffic or sidewalk area. All displays will be approved by Marilyn Burke by submitting them with a photo to [email protected].

For business owners who are too busy to make the display, we have local volunteers who can help. Please text or call Marilyn Burke @ 781-299-0698

The display winners will be announced on Canton. Care’s FACEBOOK LIVE.

Scan the QR Code to Register your Entry​